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Customised Blending

It may not be today or tomorrow but if your are involved in any way with machinery the chances are you will one day come up against a seemingly insurmountable problem. 

To solve the problem and provide the lubrication answer will be a test of engineering and lubrication expertise.  This science is recognised as TRIBOLOGY.   

Even examples of the most efficiently manufactured and precise uses of modern engineering skills can be negated or ruined by operation in hostile environments. 

A hostile environment can be used to describe anything from a hot furnace area to a dusty or salt water saturated surrounding.    At times like these you need specialist custom built lubrication specifically designed to cope with your particular problem.  Possibly a slight alteration of a formula that nearly works to a completely new product built just for you.  Never losing sight of the fact that you have to be able to afford the price or the savings that can be made far outweigh the downtime.

Blending tailored to suit your need

Oil blending bespoke tailored

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